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Here are some nice comments clients have made about working with me:

“Alison is a tremendous asset to our writing team. For the past several months she has provided copy regularly, crafting SEO driven articles that are smart, informative and engaging, always delivering on time or before and following my specific requests to the T. She instantly picked up on our voice and far exceeded my expectations from the get-go. Best of all, most of her articles have already found their way to Google’s first page!”

Beth Manning, Cycling Hacks

“It was fantastic to work with Alison, she really listened to me and took the time to understand what I was after and what the purpose of the piece was. She kept me updated throughout, asked for my feedback and made it a collaborative process. It was a pleasure to work with Alison and I have no hesitation in recommending her or her work. I can’t wait to work with her again. Thank you Alison!”
Sarah Williams, Tough Girl Challenges

“Alison exceeded our expectations. In addition to being a great writer, Alison’s work was always well thought out, substantive and accurately reflected our product. The best part about working with Alison was her professionalism and reliability. Her work was always completed in a timely fashion and often even before the deadline. I would absolutely recommend Alison to other businesses!”
Rachel Puri, SEED Homes

“It’s obvious Alison has a flair for the written word and expressing a passion for the subject in hand. We felt she improved our written content and made it personable, whilst conveying our business principles and USP to the end user. The delivery and communication throughout the process were thoroughly professional with the utmost diligence.”
Atis Krumins, Yorkshire Independent Living

“I’m really happy to have found you (or that you have found us), your ability to translate these topics into something functional as well as interesting and fun is really impressive. Thank you!”
Magdalena Schoerner, Evans Cycles