Photo of AlisonAre you passionate about your business, but can’t quite find the time – or words – to tell your story?

Is updating your website one of those tasks that looms over you like a Monday morning?

Do you want to provide your customers with free information and inspiration to keep them coming back?

If so, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re after a webpage to showcase your business to the world, a product description that demonstrates why people should buy from you or a well-researched blog post to develop a connection to your readers, I’m your gal.

I’m Alison Ingleby, a freelance writer who specialises in writing informative, creative content on outdoor living, sports and travel. If you want to share your passion for the outdoors with customers, let me help tell your story.

Why hire me?

  • I’m interested in YOUR story and YOUR vision – tell me what your company means to you, and I’ll help you tell the world.
  • Flexibility: I write in a variety of styles, from formal business reports to relaxed blog posts – whatever suits you.
  • Reliability: I pride myself on attention to detail and delivering quality work on time – no late submissions here!
  • Credibility: I have a degree in Geography from the University of Cambridge, and a Masters in Emergency Planning and Management, so I’m used to researching and delivering work of the highest standard.
  • Experience: I’ve more than ten years’ experience writing articles, reports, web copy and strategies for a range of government and non-governmental organisations.
  • I make great chocolates (yes, really. But I’m afraid they don’t come as part of the package unless you’re paying me a lot of money and then we can negotiate…).

Anything else?

When not living, breathing and writing about the great outdoors, training for my latest rock climbing project or stirring up some cakes in the kitchen, I enjoy travelling, reading and chilling out with a glass of red wine. Oh, and did I mention I LOVE the outdoors? Even when it rains. And it rains a lot in England.

Get in touch

Like what you see? If you think you and I are a match made in chocolate heaven, then check out my blogging and copywriting services to get this show on the road.